0:00 Opening Riff 0:43 Tornado Cash Sanctions Explained By a Lawyer 6:10 North Korea/Money Laundering Involvement 8:10 Was a Precedent Just Set for Developers? 14:25 Could CoinJoin Services Be Sanctioned? 16:30 What is the Definition of Money Laundering? 21:20 How Big of a Mess is This? 30:30 Is the Federal Government Overstepping? 40:20 What Bitcoin Actually Started? 45:30 Is the IRS Army Real? 1 For Every 4,000 Americans? 49:00 Are We Living in a Different America? 56:23 Laws Around Bitcoin in the UK 1:11:00 Laws Are Local 1:16:00 Is Bitcoin Freedom of Speech? 1:24:20 Is the Value 4 Value Model Broken? 1:28:50 Ending Riff

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#352: Freedom of speech in the digital age with Preston Byrne

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