Connect The World EP038 | Christian Keroles | Bitcoin Magazine | Nashville USA

"In the first part Edward and Stef reveal yet another amazing news: Connect the World and The Daily Moon are official media partners of Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022! This way we will cover the whole conference and bring you all the Lightning related news out there! A big thanks to the whole team to make this happen!

After that they talk to Christian Keroles, general manager of Bitcoin Magazine. It’s the oldest and most established source of trustworthy news and information on Bitcoin.

Christian shares his vue on hyperbitcoinization and how we’re watching Bitcoin monetize in real time while we’re heading towards a Bitcoin standard within a decade!

He also talks with us about the Bitcoin Conference in Amsterdam! It’s going to be the largest gathering of Bitcoiners in Europe!

Are you as bullish as we are about Bitcoiners coming together wanting to shape a better future? Then watch or listen to this brand new show!" - Jonī Kyasshu

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00:00 - Intro - “10 Questions” 01:45 - Part 1 - Connect The World community 06:07 - Statistics 07:12 - News 11:34 - Ring Of Fire (ROF) 12:40 - Lightning Notes 14:14 - Part 2 - Guest: Christian Keroles 21:14 - “21 minutes” 44:51 - Question from our last guest 47:55 - Outro

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