esterday I went for a photo walk in the park and took some very beautiful photos that I will share with you here.
I love coming to this park because here I always find very beautiful moments to capture in photographs, such as these girls who are sitting very peacefully on the grass enjoying a quiet afternoon.
Or these parents who were under the shade of a tree watching their children play soccer.
A boy doing stretching exercises under the shade of a tree, what I liked about this photo is how the trees framed him.
A beautiful path surrounded by trees and people walking on it:
I saw this man skating in the skate park and I didn't hesitate to take some pictures of him.
From the top of the park I saw a woman sitting in the distance and I wanted to take a picture of her using the trees as a composition:
I loved how the light hit this kiosk:
The light in this scene was also very beautiful:
As I was walking through the park I came across this very interesting scene; people usually walk their dogs here BUT this lady was carrying her dog inside her bag, I found it very funny haha
And to finish I share my favorite photo, of this one I liked the kind of "tunnel" that the trees make, creating a very beautiful frame:
I hope you enjoyed these photos of my photo walk in the park!!
For me this activity is very de-stressing and even relaxing as it allows me to connect with the present moment and become an observer who enjoys everything what life has to offer us...
Thanks for watching!
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Nice.. Keep it up 😊