This release of Lightning Terminal (LiT) includes updates the integrated LND to the latest release, v0.18.2-beta, which contains a hot fix.
We'll be continuously working to improve the user experience based on feedback from the community.
Installation and configuration instructions can be found in the README.
This release packages LND v0.18.2-beta, Taproot Assets Daemon v0.3.3-alpha, Loop v0.28.5-beta, Pool v0.6.5-beta and Faraday v0.2.13-alpha.
IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid loss of funds, it's imperative that you read the Operational Safety Guidelines before before using tapd on mainnet!
The Taproot Assets daemon is still in alpha state, which means there can still be bugs and not all desired data safety and backup mechanisms have been implemented yet. Releasing on mainnet mainly signals that there will be no breaking changes in the future and that assets minted with v0.3.0+ will be compatible with later versions.