I just released some stuff I was working on this week:
  1. in settings you can select to hide your invoice descriptions
    • this is useful if you want to not have your funding source associated with your SN identity
  2. you can clear input fields
    • most input fields now present a little x for you to clear them
  3. user nym autocomplete when forwarding sats on posts
    • this is not a high traffic feature, but we'll reuse the autocomplete in other places like mentions eventually
  4. we now dull the title to grey when you've already read a story and make visited links more distinctly dull
    • this has been requested a lot (folks were upvoting stuff to mark them as read)
  5. the total earned sats of the comments of a post are now displayed at the top of the comment section
    • also if you hover over n comments|replies it will give you this number
  6. when there are new comments on a post you've read, it will display new
    • @gmd was the first to request this
    • this only applies if you're viewing things on the same device/browser
That's pretty much it. What I'll be working on next:
  1. backend redundancy stuff
    • the site might be slow over the next few days depending on how this goes
  2. make the back button not lose your place if you've clicked 'more' on a list (tricky given we server side render)
  3. improvements to rewards/trust/jobs
  4. enhancements to search
  5. other refinements
  6. dev mailing list archive sub
All subject to change of course but those are my plans.
Thanks for these refinements. Dulling the title to grey for already read posts has made a big difference for me. I can't articulate why, but this has increased my engagement immensely.
4/5/6 are good UX additions,very nice
These are great updates We're all moving to better states! and if your spam detection model isn't working: Improve your predictions, update your weights!
Impressive, very based.
It would be cool if when I click on the "NEW" tag, then the new comment would flash a bit with quick background animation (e.g. 300ms). Or maybe if the comment also would have the "NEW" next to it.
It would be also interesting to see if the "NEW" tag feature causes people to revisit posts more often.
Or maybe the "NEW" (the little box itself) could link to a post page that has comments sorted by "recent" :)
Feature request: dark mode
We already have it. It’s the sun/moon icon at the bottom.
Awesome, I did not see that. Maybe add it as another item in "Settings" (that's where I looked for it)?
Keeps getting better!
big fan.
You are awesome @k00b!
please add subs.
So many of the async-first bitcoin communities we're part of need common cyberspace to assemble. Stacker news would be the perfect home to bring these people.
Love #1 and #4 makes a huge quality-of-life change. Thank you!
Superb additions.
Great stuff!