I didn't expect much from this but it is actually very interesting.

Is there a JS framework magic you used for these cool visualizations?

What you see is pure SVG + CSS animations with React. Feel free to explore the code @ https://github.com/saiy2k/lighthouse-web

Wow, in this case I am even more amazed. How did you learn to do this?

Way back then, I used to be a Game developer. Guess, that experience helped me to do these cool animations. Also my friend Sakthi helped me with the designs. You can check out our` Figma board @ https://www.figma.com/file/io4SsecyQ3v1prcOOrVVLt/LN?node-id=93%3A887

Though I can think of different designs, my color sense is bad

Made a cool update to the front end: Screenshot

Just got appointed Vice President for my local civic association. I shook hands with the mayor and chief of police. I hope these people and the community are ready for bitcoiner point of view