From now on, rewards will now display where you got rewards from:

  1. top posts
  2. top comments
  3. or upvoting top posts/comments

There's some other stuff we do with rewards now that isn't exposed yet, like what rank your post/comments/upvoting was relative to everyone else that day. We're storing it to be able to give people trophies in the future.

I reworked trust some. Nothing major there - just some simplifications to the query to generate the trust graph and a bit more strictness on what suggests trustworthy behavior.

you dropped this: 👑

Small suggestion: It would be cool if we could bookmark/star/favorite a discussion/comment, this way it would be easier to come back later and read it again or check the new content, since after a few days it might be hard to find or remember that particular discussion.

Going to end the week with some ~jobs improvements, and then going to think through muting/downvoting and figure out what works best.

muting, downvoting just looks messy

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Can we substract sats when we downvote?

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so beautiful, please do have a downvote(1sat) function as income source to SN

We are brainstorming penalties and content minimization right now. I’ll probably post a thread asking for feedback on a few ideas.

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Great job @k00b!

A bit unrelated question. Is there a chance to limit a post duplicity? I just came across a couple of posts linking to the same Bitcoin Mag article (Mining Concentration In America Poses A Major Threat To Bitcoin).

It's obviously OK for now but it could become really messy in the future for thought.

Yes, I need to do that. Right now we tell users about duplicate links but don’t otherwise discourage it.

We also need to tell people when other users have posted the same story from different sources

Perhaps some automod could move the dups into a special category straight after it's posted. Doing that manually (like is the case of different sources) will for sure become difficult.

The one thing we are pretty firmly not going to explore is centralized moderation. We need to do better.

That said, we don’t know exactly how we’ll approach this yet.

Whoops wrong thread.

I think the move is to make the same link expensive to post shortly after another one.

Similar stories are harder but simply letting users know a similar story exists might deter them.

That. Is. Great.

champion 🏆

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Love it! keep up the good work

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