Alright @everyone ! The time is here. We're super excited to announce the release of Club Bitcoin: Solitaire.

It’s Solitaire, sexier than you’ve ever seen it before. Not only is the design beautiful, the UX is crisp af, and the entire gameplay just floowwws. The scoring strategy is a key differentiator, designed by the one and only Greg Flor!

We went with Solitaire because we truly believe the fact that it is familiar, easy, and fun makes it the perfect tool to onboard your friends and family.

Now watch out - it is incredibly addictive. So just plan on taking the rest of the day off. But please enjoy AND share with your friends and family. 🧡


  • Referral bonus are 2x ALL week - 2,000 tickets + 20% of their prize cash outs
  • Prize draws will be happening EVERY HOUR until Friday!!! So that’s 24x more chances per day to win all week

♦️Get it now!!!!!! Club Bitcoin: Solitaire ♣️

120 sats \ 1 replies \ @nout 19 Sep

The years of Solitaire practice will finally pay off!

That time has come.

I know a girl who plays solitaire at work all the time

Send Club Bitcoin: Solitaire her way.

1 sats \ 1 replies \ @ken 19 Sep

THNDR is doing so much for Lightning adoption. I appreciate your hard work!!

This so kind of you!! I'll send this to the entire team, they deserve the love.

We are just starting!!

Does it work with custom ROM ? I have non google phone and app crash after auth with Twitter. "Safety Net issue"

No. APKs were used to hack the system and drain sats. :/

Someone made malicious APKs impersonating THNDR apps/games?

Indeed, when Bitcoin is involved, expect malicious actors.

You guys have any idea about the way Viker may have solved the issue of bots draining their funds? It seems different from the ticket approach...

Yes we do, but we don't rely on third parties to distribute our sats.

I hate this ticket shit!!

It's the best system we came up with to make it sustainable, even if some people think it's shit, it works to not go down like what happened to others. We are working to always improve, so probably the ticket system will be replaced. Anyways, tick tock, next block.

But ZEBEDEE games don’t use tickets.

I play bitcoin miner I earn sats in the game and they are withdrawn to my ZEBEDEE wallet. If tickets were the only solution why does this game give out sats without them?

When Bitcoin bounce first came out you earned sats. Now it’s tickets it’s just not the same.

Sweet, nice job. It's very slick

Appreciate it, Cornleone. Enjoy! 🤝

I hate this but parents are addict, maybe I convert them hehe

The app has ads, is it where sats will come from ? Can we withdraw freely via LN or conditions ?

16 sats \ 6 replies \ @k00b 19 Sep

iirc sats come from ads and you win tickets by playing that are redeemed for sats.

Thanks, and last question why only Twitter or Google for login ? If we disable target ads does it impact rewards ?

Because hackers/cheaters, that's why.

We had it anonymously long ago but our system was compromised and our sats were being drained by, we think, a farm (like those Chinese farms with lots of phones with auto-clickers).

We are looking for the way we can reach something close to what we had in 2019-early 2020, maybe connecting your own node to THNDR for payouts and so on.

For now we had to use Google/Twitter authentication to stop the cheaters.

Hmm I see thanks for answer. Do you plan LN url auth ?

It's on the table.

I’m not sure. OP should be able to answer

PS: not only Google/Twitter but also Apple.