Run your node over TOR and I2P. Many threads here on SN about it with good details if you're looking for a place to get started.

I've been seeing

Bitcoiners rooting for the SEC to fuck over ETH. Ethereans actively working for the congress to fuck over Bitcoin and PoW.

I feel like its a good time to check our premises and priorities. Regardless of what you feel about ETH or the SEC it just feels wrong.

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I'm kind of agnostic.

I don't support the actions of the SEC and backing the gov to attack open source software you dislike is gross. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

That said, I find it hard to muster the energy to defend Ethereum when it has so willingly put itself into a position where it can be easily pressured and censored. It will never be state resistant and is destined for regulatory capture, and I don't see it as something worth defending.

So I guess for me personally I'm just sitting here on the sidelines with my big bag of popcorn. I'm happy for this to go either way.

Using electricity is not a crime, scamming people is. Shitcoiners are not our friends or allies as they have done a lot of damage to bitcoins reputation by pretending that their scams are the same as bitcoin.

Bitcoiners shouldn't be rooting for the SEC on anything IMO. Supporting the SEC violates the intent behind satoshi's message in the genesis block.

Having said that, I also couldn't give two shits if they screw over eth

SEC is claiming authority not just over Ethereal, but all ERC-20 anything...

Ethereal = Ethereum (Even my laptop autocorrect refuses to acknowledge ETH)

While I don't support the SEC's existence, I do find it funny that this is the reason they state Ethereum falls under their jurisdiction and not passing the Howey Test.

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Whhhhaaat no way?! Ginsler finally wake up?!

SEC may have the power to regulate all aspects of the Ethereum platform if this is true

Ironically the SEC and .gov will be the best friends of bitcoiners in the next few years. Everything with a "foundation", any legal entity, an office or any identifiable centralised authority will get their well deserved purge. This is where the uniqueness and true strength of Bitcoin will come to light: resilience against nation state actors.


So it begins.