I also had a conversation with an awesome cypherpunk named "Smuggler" on a topic like this (and possible solutions) on my podcast a while ago:


“The network data includes data from over 550 collection points worldwide, to include collection points in Europe, the Middle East, North/South America, Africa and Asia, and is updated with at least 100 billion new records each day,” a description of the Augury platform in a U.S. government procurement record reviewed by Motherboard reads. It adds that Augury provides access to “petabytes” of current and historical data.

Augury’s data can also include web browser activity, like URLs visited and cookie usage, according to the procurement records. Cookies are sensitive files that websites plant onto computers when people visit them.

Team Cymru obtains this netflow data from ISPs; in return, Team Cymru provides the ISPs with threat intelligence. That transfer of data is likely happening without the informed consent of the ISPs’ users. A source familiar with the netflow data previously told Motherboard that “the users almost certainly don’t [know]” their data is being provided to Team Cymru, who then sells access to it.

Time to use CloudFlare DNS

So does this basically mean that unless you're using a VPN, your traffic is being snooped on?

The modern day home LAN is an adversarial environment.

i don't think really apply to the home lan but certainly to an isp owned router

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Most modern day households in developed countries use ISP owned routers

Don't know about that. How can you make sure those smart tvs, roombas and playstations are not collecting tidbits of data like arp scans or even wireless SIDs and sending it as debug data? Heck... I'm pretty sure Windows and Google devices do that.

I personally make sure to isolate always IOT crap into a separate VLAN. I also have pihole installed and the number of blocked random calls to sometrics.spyanalitics.io is astounding.

Exactly.... it really might be time to obtain and manage my own home router... For now I just firewall the crap out of each machine that has any importance.

i recommend ubiquiti as a quality router that will last forever or a router that supports openwrt