Yet the damage is already done, as they've shown their hand. I hope all Bitcoin projects that enable users to take self custody have taken note, if they are currently using Github, that they can be shut down/out at any time.

I'm mirroring my projects on after this happened. Perhaps Github should be the mirror

The founder of source hut is aggressively against bitcoin (and crypto) projects. I feel less comfortable having my projects on there than on github based on my interactions with the founder.

I am wondering how the Bitcoin Core developers reacted to this. Do they have fallbacks?

There was some discussion about this during Austin Bit Devs last month. I think there are several mirrors. A lot of the context is indeed on GitHub though.

Yeah, issues and comments (which can be quite important for a repository imo) are unfortunately not included in a git repository so migration of these is not trivial.

I will have to look this up. Thanks for your response!

Yeah they need to get backed up somehow. GitHub probably doesnt offer an API for that

The repo owner shall file GDPR date export request to backup the issues once a month.

Mhh, so no blog post or anything from them? I only found this:

Maybe there will be one (even though I doubt it). I want to know what changed their mind.

Thanks for that!

The source of that is:

.@github has unbanned the @TornadoCash organization and contributors on their platform! [Nitter]

The timing is the key factor. It follows the same playbook as censorship during political elections. So imho they didn't change their mind, they already got the result they wanted and so have no reason to continue to censor.

CoinDesk has an article on this now as well:

Crypto-Mixing Service Tornado Cash Code Is Back on GitHub

Great to see breaking news on SN first, then only hours later does it make its way onto industry media.