We appreciate the skepticism! So thank you for your questions, and do not apologize at all! Hopefully this will answer some of your questions:

  • Right now we generate revenue through AdRev, in app purchases, and sponsorships (we have a couple other projects in the works, but those will be released in the future). We share a part of this revenue with our users via the prize pools.
  • We are not collecting and selling user data. We require authenticated login to prevent bots and cheat. As you can imagine, giving away anything free brings about an incredible amount of them. We are working on new ways for users to play the games anonymously while still being able to win bitcoin.
  • Currently we have daily raffles / prize draws as the reward mechanic. You pick up or win tickets in the games. Those tickets are then automatically entered in a daily prize draw. In the past we have enabled the sats to we picked up and won directly in the games. However, an overwhelming majority of our users prefer the randomness introduced by the prize draw. We are always open to future experimentation with prize mechanics.
  • We reward around 15k winners per day. If the player opted in to the push notification they will get an alert when they win. Otherwise the player can check in the game to see if they have one.

Hope this helps! Happy to answer anything else :)

Hey thank you for the answers! It really helps me understand how it all works! You are very correct that when you give something away for free you get a lot of them!

Have you considered moving more to a V4V model like Fountain?

If you are awarding 15k winners a day about how many customers do you have?

Thank you again for helping me understand this - Z

Number of users is something we can't share publicly.

Re V4V - Technically it is kind of V4V because our users generate value via AdRev and then we provide value back with prizes ;P. We believe good games stem from the pure joy of play. Adding in real-world value should just be icing on the cake. Not the sole reason people want to play (which I think it what is happening in the broader p2e ecosystem). To me V4V would require users to create value in the game, which is work, which strips the games of their intended reason - joy of play.