I have been diving into old Bitcointalk posts recently and when i find something cool, i just want to share with the world :)

So SlushPool is currently the oldest Bitcoin mining pool, mining their 1st block 97,834[https://mempool.space/block/000000000000dcaab612dcfd2a7b281c794a6da9006773dab55141ac608bfc86] on the 16/12/2010.

Slush made an announcement[https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1976.0] on the 27th of November 2010, but launched the server on 16th December 2010 [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1976.msg30520#msg30520]

Currently, they own ~4.7 of the total hashrate.

So who was 1st?


On the 1st of December 2010 doubled made a post [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2027.0] on Bitcoin talk announcing he started a "pooled mining server" using puddinpop's software(there was a LOT of drama with this guy and the 1st GPU miners, but that's a different tangent).

The 1st block their mined was 95,420 on 04/12/2010, well before Slush.

I guess the conclusion is that 1st almost never matters?


Interesting as SlushPool is often talked about as the first mining pool everywhere.

I think we can only conclude being first can matter a lot. It can be easily be squandered and heavily depends on the game being played.

Can i think is the right way to put it.

That moment when you tip 10 sats while it's at 0 and suddenly it's above 100

1st almost never matters?

except for bitcoin, lol

I am not sure but i think i may have started it with 100, but not sure.