in college 2013-2014, some kids were mining bitcoin in their dorms. i was like, oh, and didn't think much of it.
in 2016 i saw an article, asked a family friend about it, and he said "i think blockchain tech is cool but not convinced about bitcoin" lol. so i bought like $40 of bitcoin
in early 2017 i asked god to give me a good investment, and soon i started seeing things about bitcoin and ethereum, so i bought some more. 2017 i was a total shitcoiner, it was bad! but eventually learned that shitcoins suck.
in 2018 i started teaching myself bitcoin programming, then got a job at BitGo
too much shitcoinery at BitGo, so I left for Cash App in 2019, and been there ever since, working on the bitcoin hot wallets and lightning stuff