Thanks for doing the AMA and what you do with LN!
You're using LND for your swap service, right? Any thoughts on LDK becoming a superior service offering that eventually hits end consumers? Or do you see LDK being more for enterprise use cases like Cash App?
What tools do you use for managing the liquidity? Very curious moreso on the onchain vs in channels part of it.
for managing liquidity, i have a bunch of scripts i wrote. but also at times have used things like these:
charge-lnd for fee setting ( lightning-jet for automated rebalancing ( lndg for node management (
i personally use LND for my deezy node - it is the easiest to get running and has the most extensive ecosystem of tooling around it.
i don't think LDK will supplant LND as the leader for most nodes. I do think LDK will be extremely useful for a few major apps (I think the biggest self-custodial lightning apps will find LDK has the tooling they need to make it happen). LDK is great when you wanna do something more customized