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Is the ability to withdraw sats via Lightning Address on the roadmap?


We've been asked before. I'll add it to github.


What do people think about a Bitcoin Lightning tip bot for social media and blogs?

For example, is a microblogging website and is a social media website (similar to Twitter), but sadly these only support BCH.

Twitter only supports KYC'ed tips, which excludes people without ID & people who need pseudonymity. micropayments via Coil also require KYC (due to dependency on Uphold/Gatehub).

A KYC-free Bitcoin Lightning tip bot for Mastodon would be good. Not sure if any ActivityPub blogging websites exist yet (Mastodon posts are max 500 characters, Pleroma is max 5000 characters, so not suitable for blogging).


I actually kinda like posting articles here on Stacker News... You get the sats, you get the comments, you have markdown to format it.

Somehow I don't like the experience of the different tipping bots, etc. I really like repeatedly smashing the lightning button here


BottlePay had it essentially perfected -- tip on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Twitch, etc, no-kyc, LN, no fee, etc. For Twitter, their BottlePay bot would see the mention, and perform the "transfer" from the sender's BottlePay wallet to the recipient's BottlePay wallet (with expiration where the funds would go back to sender if the recipient didn't have a BottlePay account and didn't sign up before expiration).

It was beautiful.

And they shut it down. (and have since pivoted into a geo-fenced exchange, with KYC.)

They did a write-up on their new approach:


When on my mobile, I don't see any way to show the Recent posts or Top posts views.

Ilam I missing something or is that just not a feature for small screen layouts? (Without pasting the URL manually)?


It’s in the dropdown when you click on your name.