Is it normal that I cannot do much? Pressing the exploit button doesn't do anything.
Oh yeah that's totally my bad, I did not wire in any success/failure notifications yet. There's a logs.txt that I have been using so far to see if things work lol. If you go into that log file do you see anything along the lines of "broadcasted tx"? There's a bug I need to figure out where it might have a 50% chance of failing because I guess the output index of the tx, but pressing it a few times should work and you should see some stuff happen in the logs.
Also, one interesting thing about the LND nodes that had this affected to, they seem to work just fine for awhile. But in polar you will see something like "not synced to chain" and then if you restart the node, you will no longer be able to access its APIs.
Edit: does the exploit button at least switch you over to the exploit screen with the LND transaction action? Like in the screenshot on the github page?