The all time top post of SN are:

  1. Announcements from SN
  2. AMAs
  3. Software announcements or releases

It's like all the boring parts of a podcast but somehow it gets the most love here.

The all time top Hacker News, by contrast, is actually news.

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Maybe you are not tipping enough on the content that you would like to see more?

SN is high signal for builders, not consumers.

Interesting that the recent LND bug isn't even close to being a top post of the year. Meanwhile, it probably was the most significant event for builders to be aware of.

I think a more apt description is, SN is a circle-jerk for power users of BTC

I’m new here. I came for the “news” and the reward model built on BTC. It feels like Reddit except quietly more sane and focused on the one subject I want to be here for, Bitcoin. So I appreciate the tech posts (and have a higher degree of trust in the sources.) but I really enjoy the social dialogue and current news/topics. Hopefully sticks around and grows!