Solid work, the US Constitution is incredibly dense and flexible. Consider serializing your research work as the US Constitution and Bitcoin are the most important human inventions.

The government can indeed play an important role in the allocation of capital.

The American population has welcomed the US government's role in money creation - through state guarantees on bank credit during the COVID crisis. This move away from Central Bank "money creation", as you say, is constitutional but not limited to loans and deposits. Importantly, this may not be a one-off.

While the American people's ask was a temporary relief / emergency measure, there are signs that direct liquidity injection from the USG will continue, in different forms - such as an emergency war relief package, which is well telegraphed.

Finally, unrelated to your post, USG is also incentivized to do so, due to the high national debt level. You can imagine that's not a US-only phenomenon.