Just another NSA honeypot yawn.
It can be really really hard to make serious competent security software with NSA injecting it's spy taps everywhere.
When they don't do an early stage open source, be suspicious.
keet.io has been doing the very same garbage too.
They know the people want it, but they want to use it to lull us into a false sense of privacy.
That should be a new expression:
"lull them into a false sense of privacy".
This is why I'm doing this project Indra. And I don't have any fancy funding, just one small private sponsor at the moment. Might get some more help down the track from sponsors but I'm just as likely to stumble into an entrepreneurial opportunity that is part time and lets me do both.
People wonder why Bitcoin scene is so... not very glossy and slick.
It's because big money comes from slimebags and real people have limited budgets.