It ain't much, but I shipped search filters. When you search you can now select:

  • what: everything, just posts, and just comments
  • sorting: match, recent, sats, upvotes, number of comments
  • when: forever, last day, week, month, and year

e.g. all AMA posts within the last week sorted by most recent

We'll probably allow date range and user searches eventually, but this is a lot more useful already so I thought I'd ship it.

I might implement those, then I'll probably refine the tipping UX a bit, and then add a mailing-list archive. But, who knows.



I tried to search for the thing with most sats but realized you need to specify a search term, using null as the query doesn't work. Also tried a space and it also doesn't work.

Searching with "a" seems to be probably the correct answer but I'm not sure:

It would be cool to have the search query optional to be able to grab those highlights (most upvoted, most commented, etc).

I know there's a top section, but it doesn't have the same criteria as the search I just tried:

Thank you @k00b!

I would like to split the "post" option in "discussion" and "links", then add an option to restrict the search to the post, excluding the replies.

These changes should help to better search specific content.

Thanks man @k00b!

Will take it out for a spin...

... for now, may I suggest the what/sorting/when drop down box to appear when you click on the search button (magnifying glass)? I get the cleaner look and "refine" search appeal as well, so just a suggestion, open to comments.

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SN changelog has been updated:

Nice! What about searching for posts/comments from user X?

33 sats \ 2 replies \ @ln123 20 Oct

Thanks @koob!

Is this kind of thing possible as part of the search box value itself?

Eg find:post sort:upvotes taro

That would be useful.

For now there's a hidden GUI in the search box that appears when you visit a search URL:


It will probably be included in the main search button soon...

No, no markup for the search box right now