search changes

  1. search for users, e.g. search for k00b
  2. constrain searches by url, e.g. search for all posts from BM that have KYC in them with query kyc
  3. constrain search by nym, e.g. search for all posts from fiatjaf that have nostr in them with query nostr nym:fiatjaf

top changes

  1. order posts and comments by sats and comments (in addition to votes)
  2. order users by comment and post count (in addition to stacked and spent)

other changes

  1. we now support the south african rand in currencies thanks to @ekzyis
  2. docker environment for dev now has a worker image thanks to @bitcoinplebdev

That's it. I might add date ranges to top/search next. Then maybe refine tipping some. Then maybe opt-in ads. Then maybe mailing list archives. tbd.

10k sats \ 1 replies \ @ekzyis 25 Oct

If I go to, I get 500 and a cute image

Also, is it expected that the search bar does not immediately show up the extended search features?


It only shows them when I already searched for something, like when I clicked on a example search you provided:


Nice catch, submitting a fix now.

And yes, when searching initially you won't get the advanced search stuff.

Edit: fixed

125 sats \ 1 replies \ @satcat 25 Oct

Love the new search and ordering abilities! Only neg are the white boxes in dark mode: white boxes in dark mode