1. another tipping overhaul
    • the sats amount strictly represents how much the user has earned (doesn't include the sybil fee)
    • as far as the user is concerned, there is no upvote, it's all tips
      • e.g. if your default tip is 10, your first click of the lightning bolt gives the user 10 sats as do the subsequent ones
    • you can still hold the bolt to do a variable amount
    • hovering over the sat amount shows how many users contributed to it, and how much you have contributed
    • also optimistic tip response (we assume the req will succeed) so should improve perceived speed by removing rtt
  2. twitter embed ... present for @cycryptr
  3. static assets (js/css) served from global CDN ... should be snappier
  4. invite notifications @nout
  5. a number of bug fixes
    • comment editing from profile page (which led to refinement of comment clicking from notifications and list views in general) @cointastical
    • satistics filter bug @cointastical
    • redirect /statistics to /satistics @cointastical
    • don't request email from gh purrgrammer on gh
    • remove users spent sats in top/users/... stacked count @kr
Also forgot to thank @kr for the Web of Trust tip (along with John Carvallo who put the idea in @kr's head). Also, @nout and @phaedrus for their insight around Web of Trust while I was working on it.
Going to try to do a handful of things before working on search next week: sending to lightning address and account linking.
Part of the Tipping overhaul (#1, above) was suggested a few days earlier, and is already today running live:
In the source, I don't see any tags or branches.
Is there a versioning or other way to find the corresponding source for what is running live on SN?
It’s all on master. I run master in production.
Going to try to do a handful of things before working on search next week: sending to lightning address and account linking.
SN kicking ass and taking names!
twitter embed ... present for @cycryptr
Is there an example anywhere showing what this refers to?
Awesome, love it, thanks!
Ah ... I see my problem.
I am using Firefox. I see no Twitter embed.
To ensure I was not missing something obvious, I then tried with Chrome, ... and voila, Twitter embed!
Not sure if you were aware of this, but FYI.
I just noticed that the updated fix for fixing the size of the initial Twitter embed (until user clicks expand) helps with an issue I have in Firefox. Before this fix, I couldn't see the Tweet at all. At least now, I can see that it was a Tweet, even though I can't actually any text or images.
But I see from the SN Analytics that Firefox has about a 20% browser share (over the past 30 days). That's more than twice the level typical for most sites. (And the share of Windows OS, versus Mac, Linux, Android, iOS ... 18%, LOL -- the SN userbase is not typical for a content site. Congrats!).