When you view a post, now there's a little 'related' section showing similar posts. I've been wanting this for awhile, but kept deprioritizing it. Since I was already working on search, I decided to do it. The intent is to help rabbit holing on topics. It will probably need to be tuned over time, but at least on the posts I tested it's net helpful.

Hopefully over the next few days, I'll also use this query to warn users they are posting a story similar to a recently posted story.

Oh and we now redirect http://lightningtalk.org to SN. Thanks to @02d0db813f for the recommendation.


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Stacker News changelog has been updated



So when can I update my posts?

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My 2 sats:

UX/UI-wise, the related section would make more sense at the bottom of the page. And visible by default.

If a user has read every single comment and scrolled all the way to the bottom, we can infer he might want to read even more about the topic.

Some comment threads are very long. Do you think that would work in those situations?

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To be honest where it is now, I would have never seen discovered if I didn't see this announcement.

Even after reading this post I went looking around the page and took me a while to find hahah

Just was spot checking a few posts, and am really surprised at how much relevant content is accurately found for the results set. This is a fantastic feature addition to SN!

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Wen bookmarks? 🙂


I love it! Better rabbit holed than memory holed!

можно начать с копий ссылок. иногда реально фантик разный конфета одинаковая... бесит..


very cool! playing around with it now

Very cool! Is it based on urls or keywords? both?

Keywords. urls aren't really considered

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Very cool... what was http://lightningtalk.org before?

Nothing I don't think. I bought it yesterday when they recommended it