I'm tired of seeing FTX news.

Anyone doing anything but schadenfreuding today?

I'm personally working on fractionalizing tips, which is a huge nuisance because I currently denominate tips in sats rather than millisats. I had enough foresight to store user balances in msats but I didn't anticipate wanting to fractionalize tips, and as a result lots of code needs to change.

We want to fractionalize tips to:

  1. take a cut of tips so that we can let tips influence ranking 'cause game theory
  2. splits on posts so
    • we can have multiple OPs for discussions and debates
    • allow stackers to set default splits for donations or other things

As a result, if you're building a lightning application, I recommend doing any record-keeping in msats. If you denormalize values purely intended for display, and can afford to be slightly inaccurate, storing those in sats is probably fine.

What are you working on?


I'm building relationships rather than code. I'm building ads for a trade network. Upon thinking where a market fit might be for a trade network, I thought to myself:

"Bitcoin is for people who need it. If you don't need it, you won't get it. If you need it, you don't need me to convince you"

So, with that in mind, as part of market research, I popped up a map of the poverty rate in Virginia.


Blue is the rich area. No surprise, they're right up against the money printer: D.C. However, there is this yellow area which is poorer than its green neighbors. Page County. If you zoom in on the map to figure out why, its because the road from D.C. to this lower area, goes around Page County. This means the money printer doesn't have as direct of a route.

Your incentives will advise your politics right? I think it will be impossible to convince this blue area of the dangers of fiat, but the yellow area, Page County, I think there might be hope with them. So I'm going to put my ads for the trade network in that area. Wish me luck.

+100 sats Here is a Bitcoin brochure if it helps: https://twitter.com/linkinparkrulz_/status/1543348394181148672 Also an introduction: https://anarkio.codeberg.page/bitcoin/ Both are open source, so you can adapt or edit them if you want.

I just dropped off an un-godly amount of fiat at the post office to buy kyc-free btc so I can beef up my lightning node liquidity. You know... "cleaning house".

CBM is the best

Crypto Bonus Miles???

Cash by Mail

Dios mio, I knew that.

Tony, Paul and I have been working on Mutiny Wallet. Yesterday we got it so we can make a real lightning node connection inside of a browser. Almost all the initial setup is done for bdk/ldk. Next is finishing ldk by having it run the node and then adding DLC support. 🚀

has anyone figured out how to make routable (over LN) DLCs yet? I saw Chris Stewart made a blog post a while back about sticking DLCs in the commitment transaction in an htlc slot (more likely, make a new slot type or something). That'll work for doing a DLC with a peer (still SUPER useful), but it's not obvious to me how you could route DLCs.

Its still super early but anyone can mess around with it here: https://reckless.mutinywallet.com/tests

The more I think about it, the more strongly I believe that the best LN mobile wallet implementation is one that advertises it needs a "companion app" to work, which would be a simple click through install lightning node that pairs with the phone. Like a qtox p2p communication connection or something.

Yeah, with this web version of Mutiny, there's probably going to be several lightweight components that people should be able to plug in, similar to some mobile wallets now asking if you want to use your own electrum or a default one.

lightning? in-browser?? reckless???


Started learning HTML basics on my journey into front end.

Buying some cheap sats as well

Tired of these news too.

Working on Nostr Explorer: http://nostrexplorer.com/

You can test it out with an event: https://nostrexplorer.com/e/b2ea3ea43d2fd2873a9b3191a8e5fdef381ebf2a1c56ca909861fe9489671c65

It's a fork I started last week of Nostr gateway (nostr.com)

BTW: great tip about saving stuff in msats to avoid future messy DB migrations 👏👏

Connected the first Zimbabwean podcast with Value 4 Value streaming https://anitaposch.com/icwt-bitcoin-enabled

Indexing the Blockchain to scour for rare ordinals.


love the treasure hunts

I've been keeping it up with the wotk of my fundraiser in Geyser, a new and innovative crowdfunding platform for projects with Bitcoin. I recommend everyone to go and support this great project. https://geyser.fund/project/anewgoatproject

working on a webshop, where u can set price in sats or fiat, and sell both digital and physical goods. works with CLN and web.py. I set the price high as I dont want to start shipping for now, but if someone actually buys, I will shippit. https://shop.tarina.org

still cleaning up the code a bit before I'll FLOSS it.

Wish this thread comes up daily :)

I am working on freelance project - android app - upwork for X

want to get started with coding with LN today. Will search for tutorials.

Large health care facility projects to improve access to healthcare across the United States of America!

It’s not code but building in meatspace

We are going to opensource our Bitcoin blockchain clusterizer / analyzer written in Rust, so ordinary folks can see what kind of data blockchain analytics companies like Chainalysis and Elliptic are selling to the governments. It will have a query API

DOPE. Where can we follow this?

We will post it here, and also give a presentation at the SF Bitcoin Devs meetup when come back to the States

216 sats \ 0 replies \ @kr 9 Nov 2022

learning some sql today

I'm building Satimoto: Electric vehicle charging with Bitcoin. A non-custodial, privacy first charging app that streams sats over lightning whilst charging your electric vehicle.

Our Android app is ready to go and waiting on approval from Apple for the iOS release, which when ready will go out to our Early Access signups.

We have 25,000 charge point locations in our system ready to go with more to come.

Satimoto Coverage

You can follow along with our progress on Twitter.

wow maan this is awesome!

Been playing around with Polar. Big fan so far. It was very easy to spin up a lightning env and connect a local lnurl server (https://github.com/legalizemath/tor-lnurl-lightningaddress) to one of the nodes.

More WordForm updates: https://stacker.news/items/92280

Currently between projects, looking for new project to work on. Anyone looking for a developer?

Bringing food to bitcoin. So much potential here.

Not Bitcoin related, but I work in a medical device start-up where I kind of have free reign on the software side of things. We're developing a microscopy-based system to detect cardiac biomarkers. My code is all about controlling the cameras, motors, light sources, etc. and of course the processing of images once they're captured. It's a lot of fun and seems to be working quite well thus far. I honestly love my job.

I'm working on a Nostr client in java.

You got a link?

+1000 sats. Happy to see discussions and news about contributions to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Didn't make progress recently with Bitvendo (open source + federated version of Bitejo.com) or my Monero fediverse tip bot (starting with Mastodon, but want to extend to PeerTube, WriteFreely, Lemmy and Matrix later). But want to finish them eventually. The code is easy and I know how to do it, just low energy and motivation right now.

your blog is cool bro.

Recently finished a River Financial transcript, now thanks to this thread I’m energized to start a new project.

Super noob messing around with a website on ghost The-Wild-Hustle.ghost.io

⚡️ Building a micropayments-only merchant on Bitcoin https://micropay.ai ❌ No emails, no sign ups, no KYC.

am I just to dumb to understand what this is? uhm could you explain? Dalle-2 Image Generator? w00t?

That's a great question! Simply put, you enter any text and it generates an image based on the input. It uses this AI model under the hood - https://openai.com/dall-e-2/. Payments are accepted over lightning. We're also expanding to support more products soon

Working on a platform for spreading information about hyperbiticoinization, highlighting the evolutionary process of bitcoin, its technological innovation and social applications: www.h17n.com

the website interpals suffered a lot of hacks in the past. i think i could make a version built on Nostr.

biggest question is how to avoid spam. girls get abused on there all the time. i suppose pay to message? something feels offputting about that on a site made for building friendships though

I don't know much about interpals, but I think paying to initiate/send with an option for the receiver to refund the sender (or make future messages free) is an appropriate model.

interesting idea! one potential problem then is setting up a bunch of fake profiles just to collect the “first message” money 🤔

I'm not sure that's a huge problem. People would just be more discerning when picking someone to send a message to, particularly if the sending fee is high and identity is weak. Alternatively, you could do some kind of escrow

So it may be best to pair such a system with optional identity verification. like my website could provide this optional service.

I’m still looking for a federated network of ID verification services. Like pay them a few bucks and they vet you and you can add their attestation on your profile

Don't require government ID for your website. It only shuts out honest users (e.g. who don't have ID, need pseudonymity, or just prefer privacy) and doesn't contribute to security or trust. More info here: https://agorism.blog/anarkio/dangers-of-decentralized-id-systems

Some websites allow users to "verify" themselves by linking social media profiles, which is more inclusive and allows for pseudonyms. Or a web-of-trust could help. Bitrated.com is an example. I think Keybase also has something similar.

If you just want to make a messaging app, it would be enough to add a block feature and the option to set your profile to private. To get to know more people, you could add a forum or groups feature (like FreedomCells.org or Meetup.com).

Social media verification would be good yeah. Ideas on the best way to do that? Simply add a link to your profile or link to a post with your pubkey in it?

I'm working on open source back up seeds into unassuming objects


Still testing & getting materials for now.

But its basically submerging a bunch of washers into an old & object. Anyone can do it

Just finished a BTCpayserver setup and a $1 test product (recommendations list) at bitsaga.org , now also lightning enabled. BTCpayserver runs on VPS, connects through Tailscale VPN to node. Still a long way to go, feedback is appreciated!

continuing work on https://pleb.parts in my spare time. prepared and posted another pre-built node yesterday.

So sick of the FTX noise too.

I've been working on more content for https://WhatIsBitcoin.com/articles as well as some Bitcoin images that anyone in the world can use for free without having to pay me any sort of a royalty.

Building for the future LN industry ⚡️ https://github.com/lncapital/torq

It’s a capital management system for LN nodes.

Working on a DLC market where ppl can find their counter parties to create DLCs with.

Deploying two more nodes for Raspiblitz development. Will eventually run PeerSwap (with on-chain and Liquid) and TEoS Watchtower service

Working on making self custody easy.

Not working. Relaxing on a holiday. I'm playing YS Seven through my Linux Laptop and Proton. Outside is cold and there is a lot of people bashing their heads because of things.

love the (because of things) par :)

Passwordless auth. Not very sexy, but it's honest work.

Can you share more details?

Sure, it's nothing novel, just links via email. Might have to back out of it though because I'm having a hell of a time trying to get it to work across subdomains. :/

I started a youtube channel, not sure how i feel about it, but I'm making my second video.

here is the link for my latest video, let me know what you think, and off course, subscribe and hit on like


i did, unfortunately I cant understand it (language) so I cant tell :)

Subtitles are in English :)

I play games and get satoshi. Of course I like it 😁

What's an msat? Is that a shitcoin I can buy on FTX?

Hey question millisats how many milli sat = sat

1000 mSat = 1 sat

Still thinking about mstats.

If you plan on only accepting a minimum of a single Satoshi than mstats might be over kill?

No, because how do you split a sat 3 ways?

Ok. Interesting problem. Makes sense in that case.


I play games and get SAT. Still playing and keep playing 🎮

All interesting

ya think it might be time for subs

Dude I know you're loving this shit. I've never seen someone more excited about drama come into a workplace than yesterday when you walked in while we were building lmao

lol yall were acting the same way with the lnd bug

hahaha so true - we'll need a sub just for LND bugs soon