I had trouble withdrawing from SN to Muun: payment kept failing - possibly because 1000sat fee was too low? So I tried Phoenix and went through no problem, though 1% fee was quite high. Also, Muun is not BIP39 (seed) compliant and doesn't support lnurl.

What is SN consensus on which wallet is better for Lightning?


I much prefer Phoenix.

I like Phoenix, you just gotta know to make a big enough channel to be reasonable for a spending wallet that you think you'll never exceed and then from there you don't pay that 1% again (unless the channel closes for some reason)

I use both. I try to use Phoenix but when I whip out my phone to pay, it frequently fails to connect to the server before the merchant QR code is ready.

So then I flip to Muun, which always works right away.

Muun uses submarine swap and turbo (0 conf) It's very friendly but some argues it's bad compromise and they're right imo. And fees can be high yeah.

Phoenix > Muun?


there was a thread discussing muun flaws.

obw, phoenix are recommended.