The hope of Bitcoin is in ending so many of these weird incentives that exist due to fiat money.
Amen, brother!
Sometimes a Tweet thread for a blog post is worth reading, even if you already read (or plan to read) the corresponding blog post.
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#Bitcoin Tech Talk #277
Running an airline is tough. The economics are not favorable and weather, security threats and public health emergencies make operating at a profit really hard.
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Bitcoin @pavolrusnak shows how to run a full node on Android @dr_orlovsky proposes a PSBT extension for P2C Lloyd Fournier explains the benefits of CTV on DLCs @braiins_systems teaches proof-of-work using dice
Lightning @Breez_Tech Point-of-sale is growing in Germany Ably is a lightning in a browser extension LNURLVend is an off-line LN vending machine @ImperviousAi announces a new browser
Econ, Etc @WendyRogersAZ proposes making #BTC legal tender in AZ @geyserfund is a Bitcoin crowd-funding platform @Trezor and @SparrowWallet are removing AOPP after blowback @CryptoHayes thinks there's no bottom to the action