I remember when I read the book "El Asco" (2007) by Horacio Castellanos Moya, a novel where he described the decline of the political situation in El Salvador, and How that affected the lives of all Salvadoreans. The book was so harsh on this, that the government of the time declared him "Persona non grata". The author has been living abroad since. I believe the new generations of El Salvador will succeed!

PS: In english the book title is "Revulsion : Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador".

Yes, my uncle knows him. ES is a small world.

The irony of this is that some influencers in the BTC space are dubiously accusing the current president of suppressing dissent and criticism just like Castellanos's, as if he's threatening El Salvador's "oh so thriving liberal democracy." It seems to me they're either ignorant through incompetence or malice.

Really he knows him?? Awesome!!

Sorry I got confused regarding the "Persona non grata" thing. However, the author had to flee the country because of death threats he received after the publication of the book.

Considering such a specific topic, I bet most influencers are poorly informed about it.