lol no. Coincidence — or possibly he's seeing the same issue I'm seeing & made his own post to address it. I can't imagine I'm the only Salvadoran person annoyed by the narrative.

He's using the wrong platform though. Imagine writing on Reddit. I think I'll send him a message.

If you want to know the 'real real' situation in ES, there's plenty of us online to talk to, or you can visit!

Please share as much as you can!

Sure, there's metric tons that could be said.

I think from my own observations, that part of the "divide" is just natural. There's people approaching ES from the angle of "I just heard about this place a year ago," and there are people for whom ES is memories, faces, streets, events. BTC is nowhere near the sum all of what makes ES the nation it is, but "Bitcoiners" as a self-made tribe are putting a lot of their own hope and stock in ES's success. Which is fine, because so do Salvadorans, but not in the same way.

To them, the "optics" of ES before the international community is very important because it directly affects the future of BTC adoption elsewhere — ES becomes a "prototype." That's valid in some senses, but not in others, and it causes misunderstandings that should (and can) get ironed out.

I think also when Americans/Europeans hear El Salvador has a "gang problem" they think "Like Chicago" or "Like Los Angeles." For a Salvadoran, that's not what it is — it's more like what Americans/Europeans think of when they hear "ISIS" and "Mexican Drug Cartels."

Obviously a lot more could be said about this. SN is a good platform to discuss.