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Is interesting that BTC lightning network subreddit is kind of dead but when someone offers free sats there is like 148 comments

Good day SN tell me something good?

Most people think bitcoin is dead. We know better.

So I was just amazed to find out that a lot (all?) hardware wallets can be run even without the manufacturer's software. You can interface Wasabi, Electrum, etc with a Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet. Anyone got any more info about how this works? Is there a standard protocol for communicating with the device?

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Not certain about the technicals but Imo Sparrow Wallet is fantastic for this purpose :)

+1 for sparrow

Yes, and it's called HWI (hardware wallet interface). However, not all HWWs and software support it.

Plugged in my mac mini along with my beloved eizo lcd screen which I haven't used for quite some time, only to realize it's been fractured 😒 Wonder if I could replace the matrix relatively cheap 🤔

fractured screen

The LCD matrix is the most expensive part in a monitor, so replacing it would only be slightly cheaper than buying another monitor of the same make/model. It would also be a ton of work, so your time would bring the cost higher than buying a new monitor.

So it seems it's time to say goodbye...

Thanks for stepping by!

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Grateful to be alive even during this super bear market....had to tell my pops yesterday all his btc was gone and that blockfi is bankrupt pretty messed up they have only told their users they r holding their funds locked....words to anyone who lost during this time....Don't get discouraged or down about what happened let it be a lesson and stack your sats humans gotta touch the stove to learn sometime....Me on the other hand all is A OK just feel for those live and learn