Hahha back up your seed, or you'll die!

Disclaimer that this is still very incredibly early and buggy. Plus right now the lightning portion only pays or receives with direct channel partners.

I'll be honest, looks sketchy as hell. Is it open source?

It seems that way because the CSS is intentionally cheesy, and it opens immediately to a wallet. They should at least have a splash page where you are in control of when a wallet is created for you

totally, configuration is possible already we just haven't built an onboarding screen yet in favor of functionality for the demo. there is a settings page for some stuff but that needs to be fully built out too.

Thanks for sharing

The actual "magic" is happening somewhere in backend, right?

Nope, all of it happening directly in the frontend as this is a fully non custodial real lightning node. The only "back end" is just a dumb networking proxy server so you can connect peer to another node on the network. As more nodes like CLN start to accept websockets, this won't be needed at all.

Oh but the other "back end" is just an esplora based chain source. Right now In the near future, allowing users to select their own.