There's lots of talk about how value being associated with things is a source of signal. Most memorably for me in Max Webster's How to Disrupt Google. Also, stackers have repeatedly voiced expectations that sats affect ranking. So, we're giving it a shot.

Sats now affect ranking. The more you tip a post, the more you can affect ranking.

  • In an effort to make this sybil resistant, SN now takes 10% of tips which are distributed in daily rewards (like all other revenue).
  • Additionally, as before, your influence on ranking is weighted by your trust which is only earned by historically voting for things other stackers deem are good
  • Finally, the relationship between sats contributed and the influence on ranking is not linear, it's logarithmic, i.e. sat whales have to spend exponentially more sats to have more influence than minnows
    • Basically, your affect on ranking is trust*log10(total tip amount) ... 10 sats are 1 vote, 100 sats 2, 1000 sats 3, and so on ... all values in between are valid as well

I've applied this to the site retroactively, and you can see the affect on top already which was formerly dominated by meta stuff. As with all things on SN, this is subject to change, but this is how it works for now.

Are sats good for anything other than saving? We'll see I guess. 😉

what's next

We have some small changes we'll make to the job board. Then we are going to work on splits, both making them more configurable (to something other than 100%) and allowing for group discussions. Group discussions will allow posts to be started with multiple OPs, all splitting tips and getting reply notifications, allowing for things like debates and group AMAs. After that I'll probably revisit auth to add support for slashtags and Breez (finally). After that, who knows.

Happy holidays! 🦃


Seems like a great tweak to me, excited to see how it promotes better and healthier discussion!

Very bullish on Stacker News in 2023, every cycle the "public forum" for Bitcoiners seems to change:

  • 2009-2013:
  • 2013-2017: Reddit (r/bitcoin, etc.)
  • 2018-2022: Twitter
  • 2023-?: Stacker News ⚡️🚀

Happy holidays! 🦃

Does the total sats you ever stacked affect your influence in ranking then?

No it’s more complicated.

@k00b, when do you sleep?

When the party airbnb next door is vacant.

@k00b - is an user's current Trust value visible somewhere or is part of the secret sauce?

It's currently just in the database. We'll probably make it visible eventually. It's kind of kludgy metric that changes a lot in how it's measured.

Stacker News changelog has been updated

Great work @k00b let’s see how it goes

Shouldn't ranking also be affected by the number of sats which have been stacked by each tipper (or by each tipper average earn by post) ? One sat tipped by a SN member with a higher "average sats earned by post" could affect ranking more than a sat from a SN member which has less engagement by post ?

Not sure if I'm beeing clear sorry :)

Oh I seen something called "trust already exist" maybe it's already what I asking for here

Thanks for sharing

отличный ход. используй биткоин как инструкция.