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There are many Bitcoin based podcasts there is only a few LN focused ones as the following:

  • Lightning Junkies: really good one, part Bitcoin part LN, but unfortunately their last episode was 8 months ago
  • Connect the World: can be entertaining as there are many topics, they host guest but for a short period
  • Lightning Ventures: a very good one
  • Kevin Rooke podcast: my most fav. LN pod (there is no second best) ... here is why:

1- Kevin didnt chose to run a bitcoin pod despite more reach but instead he chose a niche (LN) 2- Hosting almost all the builders/founders 3- Amazing preparations for his shows with well thought of questions 4- Many of his guests are technicians, he has a great ability to simplify tech language for non-technical people like me 5- LN focused: the vast majority of his shows are on LN (few on BTC) which is great as the Bitcoin pod space is kinda saturated 6- Consistency: the most consistent (almost 81 shows)

I truly admire what he is doing and continue to be a very big fan!


nice touch adding forwarding to your post. Gotta appreciate all @kr is doing.


Agreed. By far the best podcast in the ecosystem. Keep up the great work @kr!

will do, thanks!

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The dude ⚡️💊 me. My fav podcast by far at the moment.


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thanks for the kind words and for the great episode summaries on Twitter!


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V4V....1000 Sats I received from SN community goes to you

💯. I always recommend it at btc meetups. Keep it up @kr!

thank you!

Kevin crushes it. Always send his episodes to friends looking to learn more about the ecosystem. Can't believe he's almost at 81 shows!! Here's to 80 more 🍻

Hey don’t forget the stacker news podcast!!

it is a high signal podcast

Very thankful to Kevin for all the work he's done - I echo everything said here!

Rook explains the things about the Lightning network and it's new applications very well, indeed. For me as an aficionado it's very important to get competent content to understand the direction the Lightning Network takes. Big thank You, Kevin, for Your great afforts!!

Thanks for listening!

Thanks for sharing