Since the whole Covid-19 thing began there has been an alarming increase in global excess rates of mortalities. After watching the recently viral Died Suddenly (documentary?), I wanted to see if there was evidence of a correlation between Covid-19 vaccinations, or if excess mortalities were more closely correlated with Covid-19 infections.


So I pulled data from official Canadian government sources (Stats Canada, Health InfoBase), calculated the excess mortality percentage by dividing expected mortalities by excess mortalities and multiplying by 100. Then I created overlapping weekly plots for both Covid-19 infections and vaccinations against excess mortality percentages.


The quick and dirty resulting plots: weekly-canadian-excess-mortality-percentage-vs-covid19-cases weekly-canadian-excess-mortality-percentage-vs-covid19-vaccinations


It appears there is a better correlation between reported Covid-19 cases and excess mortalities than between vaccinations. Most importantly, the dramatic increase in excess mortalities began at the same time as the initial wave of Covid-19 infections, long before the first vaccines were rolled out.

Data sources:

excess mortalities reported Covid-19 cases administered Covid-19 vaccinations