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Onboarding newbies to bitcoin used to be hard, Lightsats fixes this!

Lightsats is a precoiner self onramp via tips/gifts. We take recipients by their hand, educate them about bitcoin, instruct them on how to self custody and show them how they can actually use bitcoin right away. Want to spend it? Save it? Buy more? We got you covered!

The best part: If they don’t complete their onboarding journey and don’t withdraw your tip, those precious sats return back to you. ✌️

Onboarding new people to bitcoin has never been easier. Try it out now!

📺 Video Pitch & Demo

Lightsats YouTube Pitch

➡️ Youtube

💯 Features

  • Complete tipping flow (funding, expiry, reclaiming) including the ability to follow your recipient’s journey
  • Nocoiner-friendly onboarding with simple and rewarding steps to withdrawing their tip into their own custody
  • Guide of services, tools and places to help the newly-onboarded user become part of the Bitcoin ecosystem (“What can I do with my Bitcoin?”)
  • Reminders for recipients that haven’t withdrawn their sats yet
  • Scoreboard that makes tipping fun and competitive

🛣️ Roadmap

Lightsats Roadmap We've built Lightsats completely out in the open. #buildinpublic See our complete roadmap on Github.

💰 Monetization options

  • Fees (currently we charge 1% to cover outbound routing fees)
  • New user acquisition for companies and services via our guides (affiliate)
  • API for 3rd parties to integrate our tipping/on-boarding solution
  • Sponsored leaderboards for bitcoin events or companies
  • Featured services & apps on the guide
  • Sponsored service when a user completes their withdrawal “Brought to you by ”
  • Advertising in transactional emails or email series (”21 days of Bitcoin”)

💪 Achievements

  • sms4sats

    • Did you know there is KYC for sending SMS with companies like twilio? sms4sats developed an API for us to programmatically send SMS and pay in sats. Bitcoin circular econonomy is happening! Bitcoin community
  • Bitcoin community

    • Twitter (more than 500 followers and lot’s of interactions with bitcoiners from all over the world)
  • Community-contributed translations

🧑‍💻 Tech stack

  • NextJS Application (React frontend + serverless API)
  • Voltage Node (+ LNBits for accounting)
  • Lightning
    • LNURL-auth for anonymous and passwordless tipper login
    • LNURL-withdraw for seamless withdrawals
    • Full WebLN integration for funding & withdrawals
    • Our project's code is available on GitHub.

Our project's code is available on GitHub.

📊 Stats (23.11.2022)


Some notable numbers about the first 8 weeks of building out the product:

  • 1.3M sats sent in 607 tips
  • 565 users in total (including tippers)
  • 170 users completed their onboarding journey

Check out our leaderboard!

🌐 Team

  • Juan (Project idea, Marketing, Content, Community management)
  • René (Lightning operations, Frontend)
  • Roland (Backend, Frontend, DevOps)

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Hey, cool project! Btw, I've sent a tip to myself, how to withdraw it back to my wallet?

Thank you🤗

If you want to tip yourself you’d have to authenticate as a new user so you can claim tip, it won’t allow you the claim your own tip. So once the tip is created you’d have to go to your private browser and open the link there so you start a new session.

If you don’t want to authenticate with a different account you can reclaim the tip and withdraw it back to your wallet. D222-F737-D124-49-EA-ABB2-6568-CE646001.png


Thanks, I didn't realize that I should walk through all tutorial steps before I could withdraw.

Ah no worries!! Yes the whole tutorial steps are intended for brand new users, just a way to warm them up and educate them on downloading a Lightning wallet and ultimate taking custody of their funds

Amazing project! Hope to see more languages soon in the web site!.

Absolutely, already gotten some pull requests on our github for Portuguese, German, we have people who will help with Italian, French and I will work on Spanish.