100??? все слишком быстро начинает разгоняться. скорость фиата перед крахом очень сильна... держись...

The fiat-system is fighting hard to survive. Look how the chinese lowered bank reserve rates this night down to 0.25% !! Prepare for a hard fight.

I think at some point we should allow them to surveil sub 1 Euro transactions and just flood them on the other side. Develop "mixers" using fake accounts etc.

You can't develop on the existing financial structure without their permission, so that's death on square one.

But, it would definitely increase LN adoption ⚡️

I heard something about such mixing activities. It is possible not everywhere but I am sure large scale money laundering shops do that just not with 100 dollar payments but with mllions. Whole art market is essentially fiat mixer.