Thats what he said about the 2nd ammendment. However, many states have a rich history of limiting the 2nd ammendment. For example, you must be liscensed, or no automatics, or no criminal history... in NY, you must hand over your social media accounts. (Although NY already bans mining.) I just don't feel ASICS being classified as weapons to be in our best interest, in most US states, you need some sort of license, and mining should not be KYC'd.

I would say code is speech/ASICS are computers that execute code to write a block/ASICS are like printing presses... freedom of speech is a better route, although one can easily point to many times freedom of speech has been shot down. Even using HAM radios need licenses and writing to blocks on a network with ASICS can be compared to operating a radio, but the federal government has long claimed to owning the right to vibrate American air.

Its hard to say, but I think that freedoms unique to US are going to be the first ones to go. US has a history of disregarding all amendments at one time or another, but I could imagine them claiming a CPU is a handgun and an ASIC is an automatic firearm and therefore reserved for military only. As an American, I want the US to not be late to Government mining adoption, once that starts. But I want Governments to stay out as long as possible, for maximium coin AND hashrate distribution.