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If there's a will, there's a way.
Or the dystopia futuristic games and movies have been showing everyone about.
Great idea! This makes me wonder if a price tracker website/app exists where all prices are crowd sourced....
Mechanisms and support programs for those unable to earn their living can be achived by voluntary contribution, as we can see in more free contries. The more people keep to themselves, the more they have to help others. This socialist mumbo jumbo about helping everyone is just a big fat lie to excuse the extration of wealth from everyone. There is nothing that justifies taking from someone coercively, NOTHING. You are literaly legitimizing theft, regardless of your own "good" reasons. I may have parents that are dirt poor and that would be far better with a house that has no mice running around eating the food and spreading sickness. But that DOES NOT justify me going out and start stealing everyone, possible depriving those from eating, just so I can give my parents a better living. What your logic seems to fail to recognize, is that all these issues that socialism propaganda aims to solve, are the very problems the itself perpetuates. More theft, more poverty. More poverty, more violence. More subsidies, more lowering of the standards. More lowering of the standards, less productiveness. Less productiveness, less wealth. Less wealth, more poverty. More poverty, more problems to solve. More problems to solve, more socialism "is needed". Rinse and repeat. Look at north korea, look at africa, look at ALL countries that embraced socialism. It ALWAYS ends up in a big wealth honey pot waiting for somone with the power of the pen to take over it and do whatever it feels right. No central governance is god-like to understand or know the needs of every single individual, specially on a large scale.
Csn you give one such example that wasn't subsidized or backed up by the legal system?
As mentioned by someone else, reputation/honor of an individual or a business can be the key to it's success or rapid downfall. Specially today with information travelling at the speed of light, there is 0 chances anyone can do such sizable damage, even in the middle of nowhere, without someone recording the fact and spreading it around the planrt in 5 minutes.