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And you changed your name to @ek
I'm back... Haven't been on here since early October. I'd love to share my adventures, but opsec forbids it.
What have I missed other than the introduction of territories (which I'm totally thrilled about)?
I recently installed Batocera Linux on an old mini PC. It's basically a retro gaming distro that comes pre-installed with dozens of emulators. I didn't want my kids to grow up without experiencing Goldeneye on N64.
Great article, thank you for taking the time! Scary AF. I guess it doesn't matter how much freedom is granted to people by law; if they aren't willing to fight for it, it ain't there. This wouldn't have worked if people had taken to the streets. Democracies are responsive to loud voters. It also shows how powerful government becomes when the media is on its side.
Gold is difficult to move, otherwise this problem would have been solved by some other country enacting a more liberal policy, causing gold to flow out of the US. I doubt this would work with bitcoin, although some countries will try.
He is intellectually impressive and also an asshole. Doesn't matter, lots of people are assholes. I'll read his books happily, but I probably wouldn't hang out with him.
This is a very good point, but it won't do anything to impact the security of older Pixels, and presumably some other company will step in to profit from the newly-opened market niche. Hopefully.
Dude identifying intellectual leaders is useless! Bitcoin adoption will only happen when we learn to be SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUALS! :-)
@k00b I think there might be an easily-exploitable flaw in the rewards system. May I have a go at it next week? I promise to return anything I earn. It's not a security vulnerability or anything, just gaming the system.
I took a long vacation to the middle of nowhere. No, what is this saloon?
I'm a huge fan of satscards.
Does it require KYC? I've recently been thinking of ways to get free shitcoins so I can convert them.
I thought it was HN but now I have to question that since no one else gave that response...
I've been considering trying them out for a while. Accepting bitcoin is a major point in favor.
Don't ascribe to malice anything that can be explained by stupidity.
Time is the only limited resource.
Having children and passing along your values is likely the only achievable form of immortality.
Most people are followers. A few are leaders. Only a small handful of individuals look at the others and say "whoaa, the leaders are assholes, the followers are dumb, so I'm gonna just wing it on my own".
At the same time, whatever gifts you have or don't have, including the ability to think for yourself, are beyond your control, so be charitable.
Human ability has a normal distribution. This is true for any cross section you take. Never assume that a specific profession has a monopoly on a portion of the curve. In other words, the average doctor/engineer/lawyer/etc is still an idiot.
Honesty is a rare commodity.
Words are infinitely powerful, so watch your tongue.
Dude...How do I put this delicately...you're on the wrong side of the tracks.
Why wouldn't you use multisig? I've been thinking of going multisig, but the only con I'm aware of us the technical complexity.
The "market" broadly speaking is very irrational. I do think that individual assets can be bought up for cheap. I'm not really a huge fan of efficient market theory.
Do you mean that stocks and real estate require trusting third parties and are thus bad investments? If so, you're right in the sense that you trust a government to not violate your property rights, but that's also true of your car and any other physical thing you own.