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Angel Investor, Bitcoiner, Rad Dude. https://vida.page/mikejarmuz
Yo! My friends call me Muzz. Investing in Bitcoin Startups through my company, Lightning Ventures. Advisor to Azteco, Cloaked Wireless, Slice, and Satoshi Money. I aim to evangelize and help demystify early-stage investing to plebs and whales alike. I'm also passionate about educating founders and operators on strategies to fund their projects. I believe investing in Bitcoin companies is the best thing you can do to complement a HODL position. What else? I have a serious angel investing addiction and have invested in over 1,500 companies. I am a long-time music industry veteran and have done a lot of stuff.  If you want to learn more about funding your rad Bitcoin company or get started investing in awesome companies, chat me up.
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