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You can spin a node pretty easy right now and I think in the future there will be even better, maybe even it will be transparent to the final user. It's a P2P network so it will be easy to fight this kind of accumulation, almost always the game of incentive will be in charge.

Could you elaborate a little more? what is your thinking about it? and what is the relation you map between the Lightning address and the Lighting nodes?

It's all depend in how the "loss" was added to the accounting system of the country, some times you can deduce tax from this kind of lost, and in the overall situation of the company, it could be ok if they lost this amount here but can deduce tax from the building process of the cars.

Accounting magic to pay less tax ;)

Welcome to the dark side... wait... ;)

Nice to see more Engineers in the community, welcome!

What a bio :) welcome!

Mostly fanless pc, the noise is a big NO in my setup, BTC and LN node running.

Not good intro, seems a simple file server in which you pay per file via an invoice? Just an interpretation base on https://github.com/Asone/LNFilestoreServer/blob/master/docs/routes.md the api documentation.

Pay to download a file.

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DCA seems a better strategy that time the market... for my, I need to search for a way to buy more BTC without lose anonymity, it's no easy and the only valid approach is People 2 People, all the others alternatives have some kind of leak.

So I will keep looking into new ways to earn/get sats

Agree on this, but don't take the "Channel Duration" in swap too serious, there is no real contract and it's not write in stone.

First routing payment to stacker news node <3!!! wiiiiiiiiiiiii :) time to celebrate.

It doesn't matter the name of the fiat ;) ... no one will outlive bitcoin.

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