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Which % of the shops you use (online+offline) accept BTC? Which % of the people you know have their salary (partly or entirely) paid in BTC? Which % of the taxes you pay could be paid in BTC if you wanted to?
For most people on this planet, the answers to all questions are "below 1%".
That answers your question. We are still very very far from hyperbitcoinization.
That's precisely one of the main problem right now. The ONLY metrics everyone is focusing on, especially the media, is BTC price — and it's the LEAST important one. It's purely absurd.
The BTC price is irrelevant to Bitcoin success. Only the number of real users matters.
The evolution of on-chain addresses holding 1, 0.1, 0.01 and 0.001 BTC gives interesting metrics but ofc don't give the full picture.
Coulc be useful to get live metrics from payment processors (BTCPay Server, Bitpay and such) but I guess some would be reluctant to make them public...
The main reason why X is not falling apart is the fact that it is used by pretty much all people that matters, from national presidents to ministers, from devs to CEOs, from celebrities to researchers or journalists.
Makers, doers, and even thinkers are on Twitter, and pretty much nowhere else. X is therefore one of the most important information source for the world, and I'm not even mentioning political/marketing agencies heavily using it to evaluate opinions and detect trends.
Losing a few advertisers doesn't change that.
How easy is it to rent a flat/house in Bitcoin (not AirBnb kind of stuff, but long term rental)?
Bitcoin is not a religion. And the idiots trying to make it one are hurting Bitcoin.
Small amounts (< 0.1 BTC): Doesn't matter. Large amounts (> 0.5 BTC): Hardware wallet (preferably several). Very large amounts (> 10 BTC): Hardware wallets + custodial storage (no exchanges, specialized entities).
AGI is not an IF, but a WHEN.
Everything about a human being happens inside a brain and only a brain. And a brain is just a bunch of cables. It's big and has a complex structure, but it still is only that.
What we call "consciousness" and "free will" derive from this specific system (and from nothing else). They are "side effects" of the specific organization of neurons.
Once we have an artificial entity able to replicate this structure and organization, then it will produce the same effect. Same logic, same cause, same result.
AGI will necessarily demonstrate a form of consciousness (even if most people, due to religious bias but also to the technical difficulty to prove consciousness), will reject the idea. But it will not change the fact that AGI will equal and even surpass human capabilities.
Oh boy. You write "between 3 and 10 at best". It's already 4.5 and predicted to go to 24 in a couple of years, more than double what you said, but it doesn't condradict your statement? And I'm the one who can't read, loooool.
A bit naive. Yes, technically it's difficult and nearly impossible to totally ban a decentralized network. But there are plenty of (easy) ways for governments to act against Bitcoin.
A good example is Russia. As of today, Bitcoin is not banned, it can be mined and owned. But it cannot be used as payment for anything. A merchant accepting BTC would face serious trouble. Therefore, Russian people owning some bitcoins cannot do anything with them in their country (and are very limited abroad, with most exchanges such as Binance, restricting/banning Russia).
Even more liberal countries have tons of way to limit Bitcoin, from BitLicenses in New York to heavy taxation in Europe. They are not real bans, but it certainly hurts Bitcoin.
And you're dreaming if you think there could be a big uprising of "the cryptocurrency community". First, there is no such thing (neither crypto or Bitcoin are communities), second crypto and Bitcoin have a very bad image in general audience and media and would not get much support.
Let's not forget that a good 99% of people on this planet don't have cryptos, and many are fighting them, with the clear intent to kill them all (Bitcoin included).
Solar is already 4.5% of worldwide production (which is half of nuclear):
And solar is expected to grow to 24% in 4 years, according to International Energy Agency):
Try to read and educate yourself, monkey.
Most AI platforms are free to use, and ask for fees only after a certain number of generations. Unless you generate thousands of images, you can do quite a lot for free. Besidds, the fees are usually small afterwards.
You can start here, a good place giving access to dozens of open source AI models (initially free) : https://replicate.com/
Also not bad, but with much less models (free credits that reload every day): https://stablecog.com/
I would just rephrase: "Idiots will call me a shitcoiner".
I usually don't talk to the braindead people screaming "shitcoin" in all their posts, but I will make an exception: if any of the SN team/founders hereby confirm that SN is "a Bitcoin-only forum" and that it's totally forbidden to even share an article (about Bitcoin) just because it's published on a website covering all coins, I will leave SN forever.
I hope you make a difference between a liar pretending to be Satoshi (and spending quite some energy to convince people of that), and some online sleuth who claims to have "discovered" the real Satoshi (without the pointed person having done nothing for it).
Just a precision, that seems necessary (at least for the 2 idiots of the village): sharing a link is not endorsing the linked content, nor it's the expression of an opinion. Just some content that is worth sharing and possibly debate upon.
For what it's worth, I believe that Satoshi Nakamoto died a while ago.