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there is a pleb poet society, as of now there must be

like the idea! can't read the font :(

is cryptography a race to the bottom? I heard a professor on the subject say in his introduction to cryptography that every algorithm is eventually broken and the game is to discover a new one before you're in danger.

always been resilient against the bitcoin conf fomo hysteria. nothing about it is attractive to me personally

just here reading along and loving it

saw the drones on the walk home from the bitcoin event when the countdown was at 10:00, didn’t care enough to watch to the end. Glad I didn’t, that was pretty dumb

I relate to forgetting how you perceived the world before bitcoin, and it does make it tough to talk to people

the provided link was for a different article but I read both, lovely stuff. Especially your graphics, love them!

gaining and losing a cowboy hat has become a significant side quest in my life

where do you do that at?

regrettably for you, it was amazing