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seems broken on desktop firefox - can't deposit, or create game
this whole inscriptions mess is very fishy and seems to increasingly be being used as a way for various interests to push for their desired vision of Bitcoin -
like a problem-reaction-solution type thing
Todd has been giving me the creeps for a while now - the whole Inscriptions mess is very fishy, and although its an opaque sense of unease, i'm leaning toward the impression actors like Todd, and 'security budget' Stzorc, if not actively colluding with mining entities, maybe at least leveraging the inscriptions problem to pursue their interests.
Miner collusion with hostile forkers in the past is what's probably triggering the unease in me now, but i generally listen to my instincts when they nag me the way they have been recently...
I seem to recall Jimmy Song doing a piece about pain fairly recently, which was treated with some incredulity, and even derision on here.
Miners are pushing for an MASF ?
I must have been staring out the window again, cos i've missed this bit of gossip.
if it's chain state, does that mean it has to be redone with each new block ?
Who knew supertestnet was such a showman ? Best explainer i've seen for a while.
this post seems somewhat contrived, in the wake of the spicy comments around the same topics in another post from earlier today -
meh - people come to Bitcoin by and for themselves - nothing you or i say or do matters to 'adoption' at all - it could potentially be a very long ride.
think it was Saifedean that once described smoking as the ultimate high time preference behaviour
wtf - biden looks like the preacher in the poltergeist sequel
'i've come for the child'