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Whoever issued the bond, whether it's government or corporation, will get real spendable dollars when the bond is bought by a commercial bank. Those dollars are spent in the economy, which leads to rising prices. The amount of QE is pretty much equal to the amount of new money a commercial bank can create without increasing their risk.

Every bond is first bought by a commercial bank with new money (as deposits), and then the bond is bought by central bank with bank reserves. Equal amount of spendable deposits and bank reserves have been created. There are limits on how much bonds a commercial bank can hold, which limits their ability to create new money. With QE, they can swap the bonds into non-risky bank reserves which don't have those limits, and this allows them to create more money.

This is how I see it happening. The article is more nuanced, but I don't think it's accurate to say that QE doesn't increase spendable money in an economy.

Physical notes for just holding doesn't really make sense, because there are better ways for cold storage. The main purpose of a physical note is to enable bitcoin to be used as a medium of exchange. It's easy to exchange with instant finality, it protects privacy, and it works in offline settings.

I skimmed through the patent, but I'm still confused how it works. It is a multi-sig wallet which can be re-keyd with just one key, but can't be spent without cutting it. How does it exactly work?

This article tries to conflate Liquid sidechain as something that is a part of Bitcoin.

It's not. It's a completely separate centralized ledger run by a federation of corporations. It's not open, permissionless, censorship-resistant or decentralized. It's an antithesis to Bitcoin.

It's just a bunch of companies piggypacking on the success of Bitcoin, and trying to build a financial system of Bitcoin on a digital ledger which they control.

I would say: start accepting bitcoin. If you run a business, sell exclusively with bitcoin. If you have a job, ask your salary in bitcoin. Reject fiat. Create demand for bitcoin.

Well, computers haven't really scaled in a way to make this possible. He made a mistake in this assumption. In addition, Satoshi designed payment channels for high-frequency transactions, which was the original idea for Lightning Network.

I'm still trying to find my place, in Bitcoin and in the world that is to come. I'm trying to think what's the best way to be useful and what's the most effective way to drive change. I have skills, resources and time, and I feel I should contribute more, but haven't yet figured out how.

Whole world is going into or is already in recession. It seems that the US fares better than the rest of the world. This could be the recession that ends all fiat currencies, and it's time for bitcoin to shine.

Someone who advocates bitcoin as a primary form of money.

Fossil fuels play no part in the future of our civilization. Current global energy production & consumption is just a blib, basically nothing at all. From the future, we look like cavemen who just discovered fire. One day, we'll be using thousands or even millions of times more energy per capita.

I'm not against fossil fuels, but it's time to think bigger.

Exactly. Fossil fuels are just tax to oil countries. Almost all of the cost is profit for them.

Bs. Your inner voice is just an echo of what you've heard or read. You don't have any original thoughts.

I don't follow orders, so that disproves your point.

Lmao. I think it's the opposite. It's the minority who don't hear the voice. I don't have an inner voice, and I don't need it. I can think for myself.

Could we have a setting for adjusting the one-click tipping amount, which is currently just 1 sat? Maybe there would be choices, for example 1, 10, 100 or 1000 sats to keep it simple. Also, 10 could be new default imo.

It seems that some people are scared and selling their USDT after the UST fiasco. It trades at $1 on BitFinex.

Don't fall for FUD. There's lots of all kinds of FUD going around right now.

We are now in a bear market until the next halving. Based on history, we might be going down to about 25k and even dip into 20k, which was previous ATH. These periods have always been the best for buyers, but now everyone understands that, which might change things. Personally, I'm going to wait a couple of weeks and then start DCAing weekly. I think there's a chance that we are already close to the bottom of this cycle, so it's quite hard to resist buying. I think there will be a quite long period to buy, so I wouldn't recommend panic buying with house money right now.

Just make sure to sell any altcoins (into btc) you might have, because they are cratering to zero in this bear market.

It's my main source of Bitcoin news and the it's also the best community around bitcoin. I like that it's more about the content, than the person who posted it.