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Kaboomracks is selling S9s for $125/ea or 3 for $300.

Multisig allows signers to remain geographically distributed.

Shamirs results in the key being present at a single location during signing, which provides an opportunity for someone to steal it.

Usually multisig is probably better for a treasury.

Nice simple tool. It’d be really cool if it could also estimate block height at a future time.

I’ve been working on a project that’s similar but wider scoped, an infrastructure cooperative. The idea is to host a variety of services (public & members only) managed by a sort of guild of personal freedom maximalists.

So far I’ve been concentrating on AAA and observability, so I can be comfortable letting co-admins into the cluster. Gitea is already installed and used as the source for ArgoCD, so git hosting should be available soon.

My mastodon instance was the first service I stood up, over 18 months ago, although it’s been running standalone and needs to be migrated into the cluster. Matrix will likely come soon after that’s done.

The whole thing will be donation based to start, eventually augmented by membership fees. Longer term, I’m exploring alternative methods of finding and governance, like LSATs and Judica.org

You can set limit orders on Cash App. They also have the paycheck conversion with no fees.

Not a stablecoin, real USD, but if you get a paycheck you could send part of it there, and convert like half on payday and keep the other half for limit orders.

Tailscale is an identity management solution for wireguard. Here’s a good overview of it and many alternatives:


Minor nit: wireguard is p2p, so all instances are peers (no client/server), but you clearly have a grasp of the overall concept

Here’s a guide that may help (ignore the multiple node pieces of that doesn’t apply to you):


In the past they’ve auctioned coins at gsaauctions.gov

This doesn’t address your question directly, but there’s an open lnd issue tracking separation of the gossip subsystem among other attempts to chip away at the monolith. You may find something useful in there, or in the issues roasbeef links to in a comment.


Excellent write up, thanks for the tool and the walkthrough!

You’re likely to get better advice if you provide a little more info on:

  • your existing background (technical or otherwise)
  • what you think you might like to build

If you’re totally unsure about the second one, at least some info on what inspired you to pursue programming.

I don’t have strong opinions on actionable recommendations, but this is definitely an area that needs more exploration. The real world is rarely as straightforward as binary decision making.

One example is someone working at a startup, building equity in the form of stock options. It makes sense to save in a better store of value than USD, so accumulate by DCA is straightforward there. If the startup does well, there may come a time to exercise the options and turn them into shares of the company. This could easily cost 6-figures USD, but the potential gains could be an order of magnitude or more.

One option is to market sell the amount of BTC estimated to cover the strike price and taxes (for both the options gain and BTC sale) but that could easily cost far more than a less naive strategy.

Obviously many factors are involved… current BTC price, recent market activity and sentiment, current stock price, expectation of when a liquidation event is likely to occur, etc

So yes, save in Bitcoin, but eventually spending at least part of that savings is the ultimate plan. Sounds like you’re working on how to analyze this aspect of Bitcoin investing, and I look forward to your results!