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Sphinx is a really cool project, sadly look dead to me. So much good concepts, don't know what happened, but all the energy and fast release from the early days are gone.
Que clase de fotos?, Que artículos?
Then an artist could sell tickets using RGB, sell it directly to fans using Bitcoin.
That is why stopped from following those maximalist, prefer lightning devs.
Bitcoin maximalism is boring, we don't take over the world by holding and posting memes.
We got this thing called Bitcoin, use it to transform the world.
Eventually you get tired of the memes and discover that if you wanna increase the price you need to built tools for people to use bitcoin.
I suppose that inbound and outbound liquidity is managed by lightning?, I mean, can issue like 100k sats and starts sending to others cashu accounts without dealing with liquidity?.
How do I choose between dalle2 or stable diffusion?
Thanks for your time!! BTW great fan of you!.
Do you foresee changes in the world order by the end of the decade?, Or the current status quo will remain?
Tried it but prefer midjourney, also less censored than dalle.
This is the sh!t!!!!! we need something like dalle but opensource and with their own token and white paper