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Great job. Nice to see Cashu notes. Hopefully adding eCash wallets soon.
The War on Drugs championed by the puritan US has allowed to fund producer-countries elites with millions of dollars and guns to fight the actual root of drug addiction: the thousands of poor farmers who have no other choice than planting coca leaves in order to survive, because otherwise armed mafias will eliminate them. Nevermind the fact that this huge effort has only lead to an exponential growth of drug production, since most of the money is spent in government corruption, while making richer the cartels.
Of course this successful policy is not focused on those millions of drug-addicts in their own country, because otherwise how would they keep up with stress if they don't snort some coke every day. On the contrary, the DEA needs to work along with cartels to help them in their holy effort. "It's not US, it's them. So let's bring in extradition some of their mafia heads from time to time, to make our people believe that we really are winning this war." All in the name of freedom and democracy, of course. And let's not even think in legalizing cocaine...
Egge, their lead developer, recently mentioned to me on Nostr that right now it uses a default mint (not sure which one though). He's working on an API to change the mint and should be available next week. I for one intend to connect the wallet to my LNBits Cashu mint.
War and violence have always been a reality around me. Either civil or foreign war, we can't escape from it. People close to me have died or have suffered because of it. I always tried to avoid getting involved, because I don't feel convinced by any party, and I've been lucky enough to survive.
I don't give a damn about my country. I detest so many things about my culture. Most people are idiots, specially those in charge. I constantly feel threatened and my life is always at risk. I've always felt out of place.
I left for many years and had the opportunity to start a new life abroad, in a place where I felt safe. However, one day I just returned. I missed my family and friends. Even if they're not close to me, they need me, and I think I can help them. The only way I would get involved in a war is when the life and security of those I love is under threat. I would be willing to kill and die for it. Not sure if I would be brave though.
I think the view of "the world" is quite individual, so it is subject to personal circumstances. Each one has their own view based on their particular situation, so I think it is hard to agree on a common view. The thing we call "the world" is a changing substance.
Sooner or later one client will be zap-only only for hard-core nostriches/bitcoiners
My favorite Van Gogh's painting by far. I was lucky enough to see the original in Amsterdam.
I could live only on figs
Almost there, keep it up!
Are those figs?
To infinity and beyond
Reviewing Bitcoin Core v26 localizations in Spanish: so far El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic and general Spanish are done (+7,630k words each!)