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We'll see... Until he's sworn in, I don't trust the state won't do something to stop him
State powers will never allow something like this to happen after Trump.
Your father clearly cares for you very much, so much so that he feels your pain for you.
Wondering if he wants to compete with CashApp/Block, et al... that's what it sounds like he's going for here.
Good call! I love this concept and I can't believe I didn't know about it for so long.
Thank you so much, that's very helpful.
Thank you so much, that's very helpful.
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I agree that some will do this. Hell, they're doing is now. But the masses by and large will not, IMO. However, I do think there is a light at the end of the tunnel; and that light is education from Bitcoin Maxis that the everyday normie knows and trusts. The more of us there are, the better. In the very very long run, people will ultimately turn to Bitcoin, I just think it's going to take a lot longer than most of us may believe, however rational it may be.
I think Bitcoiners are likely to be surprised how little adoption will take place even in the face of life-altering inflation. People will continue to use what they're used to, and won't take the time to understand what/why/how Bitcoin can benefit them. They'll be, by and large, controlled by state-driven headline-narrated FUD to resist adoption for a very long time, even if the price just keeps going up and up and up.
Time to go increase the network hashrate! Just doing the lord's work...
It's not much but it's an honest living
Personally, I'm convinced the most likely candidate is Len Sasseman. It's merely a curiosity, and of course we'll never know, and I'm glad that we'll never know (and also I hope we never know).
In my two short years of Bitcoin deep dives, extensive reading and research, I have never heard that Hal had a neighbor named Satoshi Nakamoto.
So I'm certainly no expert here, but it seems that coding/programming skills are a huge plus in the space. It sounds like your experience in tech innovation could be very advantageous in the startup space surrounding Bitcoin. There is a lot of opportunity out there from what I can see.
I got started by mining "crypto" which gave me great insight into the technical operations of blockchains, and now I'm a mining tech and owner of an online store selling Bitcoin merch. My experience and training is on the IT side of things, but I've dabbled in many areas.
Checkout bitcoinerjobs.com, and the jobs board here on SN. That's how I landed both my mining tech gigs. I had to check it weekly for a few months before I landed anything, and submitted tons of resume without any response. I think this sector is inundated with applications from like-minded people.
PS: you can auto-convert your paychecks to Bitcoin from anyone using CashApp or Bitwage.
Look, it's inevitable. It was always going to be inevitable. But Bitcoin doesn't care, and neither do Bitcoiners. We'll keep stackin sats and educating the world on sound money. The ETF will at least lend an opportunity for that conversation to arise with millions of noobs. Not all of them will accept it, but some will. Others will come around in the long run, others never will. Eventually, no one will have a choice, as the dollar fades away into complete and total irrelevance. At the end of the day, it's better to have the chance to orange pill normies than not. Especially if the likes of Blackrock are in fact (and this is debatable) orange-pilled themselves. If so, this lends a ton of credibility to Bitcoin for the normies. Again, I'll take that over not having it any day.
I'm afraid we don't have any choice on this one.
So glad I got the ever-loving fugg out of California.