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Very interesting topic indeed. Me personally I do not have a favorite wallet app. In the last 10 years, I think I used almost all wallet apps were out. I learned a lot about them and I like to know them all. I tend to use BTC/LN wallets based on my own criteria:

  • there's no "best wallet"
  • each wallet have its own features, good or bad, new, innovative or old boring
  • each wallet will have its use in a specific moment, when user will decide that the wallet is good for that specific payment. Because each app will react or not in its own way.
  • having in use multiple wallet apps, is giving to the user more flexibility. We are still early with this technology, apps are still in early phase so errors can happen, network can clog or whatever other many reasons will come. Being prepared for a bad situation doesn't cost too much.
  • as I tried to explain in this guide, based on my 10+ years experience with BTC, is good to have your BTC stash split in many parts. Not only for security, but also for practicality.

From that list (nice list) you post, I would say this:

  • from those 5 apps, there are apps more suitable for noobs and also for more pro-users, that have more knowledge about how LN works and stuff. Takes time until users will understand all the features an app have and how to use them.
  • all those are great apps and I would recommend them to any bitcoiner, at least to test them and see which one is more comfortable for its own use.
  • don¡'t stick with only one. Have at least 2 from that list in your mobile device. If one fail in some situation, for sure the other one will succeed. There are many aspects why one app will fail and one not.
  • I do not see them as competing each others. All are using LN and that's why we will have progress. Users have to start using them and using LN as daily basis.


Continue using USD (shitcoins) in a country that declared BTC as legal tender is idiotic and moronic (omicron). That means you just want to be rekt. Simple as that.

Chivo is not a BTC/LN wallet, is just a gov bank. ES people can use whatever other LN wallet like:

I wrote an article dedicated to people that start now with Bitcoin, as ES people, about how to stash your BTC in three levels.

I am in contact with some ES people and I always tell them: dump the fucking dollar, use ONLY BTC. You have there an enormous opportunity to dump the shit dollar and have your own sovereign money - Bitcoin.

If you still use fiat "legacy" system, you are not a bitcoiner.

There is no need for a bitcoin only bank. WE ARE ALL BANKS, WITH OUR NODES. That's all. All the rest is BULLSHIT CRAP

Only his son can join because he have sats :)

If you need inbound on your node, let us know

Yes! This is a must read and understand what is going on. In addition to that great blog post I recommend also this video channel with lots of resources. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/sovereignman/

You don't know what is a dictator. Stop using words that you do not understand. I lived 20 years in a full dictatorship communist country and I know how is a dictator. You have no idea what is it.

You missed the whole point: Bukele is no more than like Satoshi. Created a "crack" into the system and will leave it to the people to continue it. Bukele is not a "builder", is just opening the path to opportunities. What western countries will NEVER understand: those people from LATAM are used to be slaves, for centuries theyt weren't capable to think for themselves. If there's nobody to tell them what to do, they will just die. What Bukele did, was just cracking their head and plant the seed inside. Yes, by force, by law, call it as you wish, but with those people is not possible in other way. You can talk with LATAM people about Rothbardian philosophy, they will never understand it.

IT IS OUR DUTY NOW TO CONTINUE THIS WORK. Don't complain, do something to help.

You are not a real bitcoiner if you are not reckless... and Bukele demonstrate is one of us.

nice article indeed

Thanks! So let's wait a bit more for taproot to get his "place" maybe some good devs will think about that.