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You've just described your mind that is a shitcoiner fiat mentality, that sees only wars and destruction.

Bitcoin will change you, eventually, if you are not going to die in those wars you promote.


States will be obsolete soon. Bitcoin will make them obsolete. Only govs start wars, not individuals. Better Believe it

btw.. nice to see you reveal yourself as a shitcoiner.

All wars are banksters wars - I will repeat this until people stop posting about wars.

Use bitcoin every fucking day and all wars are gone soon.

These kind of statements are wrong:

  • over Bitcoin network will never be transferred shitcoin fiat $
  • the fees on Bitcoin network are not shitcoin cents , are sats
  • Bitcoin IS using a bank... each node is actually a bank

These statements are useless and show nothing, only show the fiat mentality. Bitcoin is energy and when you transfer bitcoins, you are actually transferring the value of that energy you stored previously.


For all those that don't know the story, or those who come here to only throw shit over I would like to share a collection of videos about Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht that EVERYBODY should watch before opening his mouth.

I hope these videos will give you the best explanation of what happen.

Yes, but also think about this: developers cannot /will not build solutions if they are not inspired or approached by content creators, people with ideas (that they do not have coding skills). Also devs if they build a solution but nobody is using it, all their work is in vain.

So is like a chicken and egg playground. Plebs stay strong together.

This post is a huge red flag for me:

  • user pretend to be a bitcoiner with his username. This is the worst thing that a shitcoiner is pretending to be a bitcoiner.
  • posting about a shitcoin
  • promoting "stable" shitcoin
  • off topic shit

Maybe you could add to SN "login with nostr" ? In this way also can be build a "trust" level.

Why don't you put the original creator of this content to receive the sats on SN? You have that option when you create the post. Just search for @kr and add him.

I think is fair to give them the sats if they are active users on SN.

wars. all wars are banksters wars. Stop funding them by using bitcoin every day.

all wars are banksters wars. Ignore all the drama and noise, concentrate ONLY on Bitcoin. Whatever side you choose you are the victim.

I notice also that people post same news over and over, even if it was already posted, same source or different source, or a tweet and next to it the real link but the same news.

This is annoying and distract attention. People should get used to read a bit previous messages BEFORE posting, not just dropping whatever is there, just to be posted.

From 1 to 10, what is your greed level?

Why not using your own hosted NAS? Qnap and Synology works perfect. NAS = network area storage, accessible from any device, anywhere you are, hosted at home or anywhere you have full access to the device. Not your server = not your data

banks and govs. They are fucked.