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And that's why I made my own BTC flyers to hand them to those merchants I went to onboard them. Is nice to give them a paper support to take it at home and study more. Later they will come to you and ask more questions.
I suggest to everybody to make their own flyers, you could start with my flyers as base idea and adapt them, translate them as you wish, for your local merchants. You know better what kind of message to send them.
Here are the flyers I used:
yes, very good interview!
Thank you Natalia! Very good guide.
instead started buying $25 of XRP
GTFO shitcoiner!
that means you fucked around for good
And here is a full list of all most important guides, by sections. Until I will be able to update my bio, will post it here.
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working on bitcoin adoption.
Good, can you give more details?
this is how you learn: from mistakes.
Ignore the statists... their brain can't function outside the state cage. Are irrecoverable, lost souls.
OK go back to your slave cage paying taxes... I don't.
ISP are private companies... Keep paying their salaries with your taxes...
not to me, to them, Knut and Axiom
LOL another one believing those lies... Please stop defending taxes. Taxation is theft. Game over. If you want to pay, pay them, but don't force me to be robbed. I simply don't pay them. What you gonna do? Nothing. I simply do not comply to be robbed.
But that measurement misses something. How much is x worth to me. In most of the world, people earn fractions of what a software developer in the west earns.
Very good thought. Same things are described in the book Praxeology by Knut Svanholm.
Or you can listen the audio reading of the book on the Axioms of Liberty podcast.
Very good book.
Good for you that you reached the top of the ladder...
but many other people are still babies, taking first steps. Patience is key in Bitcoin and no worry they will get there soon (those that have brains).
You have many other alternatives. One is Blink. Open source and apk available to download free. Also they have a POS web interface like WoS
You have also https://lifpay.me/ that works nice. You have CoinOs too: https://coinos.io/ - powerful tool with pos, web / PWA